Looking For A Sophisticated Solution For Your Business Cards? Try The Spot UV Business Cards

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Spot UV printing is also known as just UV printing used to print the spot UV business cards and as the name represent these are the UV finish that is given to the printing, sometimes the UV printing is also given to many kinds of custom labels and clear labels. The reason why spot UV is called spot UV is because in spot UV printing technique, only a certain spot of the entire business card is finished with this, giving it a shiny finish to go with the matt areas of the print. The spot UV business cards are becoming popular and more and more people are opting for it. The reasons of this popularity are discussed below:


There is no outlining attached when you do the spot UV printing which means that you can easily layer the elements of the cards without differentiating between these. This technique helps you add the secret design patterns as well as some message on some element and then this will only be readable when it is put in the UV light. This is very interesting in terms of any kind of custom labels as well as business cards.

Unique and finished:

Spot UV business cards have the finish that makes it different from the normal business cards and adds a layer of elegance to it. These cards then look more luxurious and less boring. These are in the market to add the glimmer in any kind of tinted colour, let it be golden or silver and this can easily be done with the spot UV printing, making the spot UV business cards eye catching.




Variety of use:

Apart from the spot UV business cards, you can also make the spot UV brochures to introduce a sleek look. You could also use it to highlight certain areas by making these shiners than the others. This is how you stay professional yet fancy.


The reason why people do not take care of their business cards and toss these after receiving is because these are boring looking and a business card that looks fancy and professional at the same is eye catching and one will not throw it even if one knows that they may never need it but they would still prefer to keep it as the design and still will be too good to throw it off. They may also keep it to get inspiration for their own business cards.

All these reasons are enough convincing and above all, spot UV printing is not as difficult to incorporate and number of printing companies are now providing this.